Talking About the Weather

If you live in England, The Netherlands, Belgium or France, It will not have escaped your notice that it has been a little warm lately! This has lead to us indulging in that most English of pastimes; talking about the weather (although actually the French seem to enjoy it as much as we do.)

We have been delighted with how easy Le Moulin is to live in, for ourselves and our guests, in this heat. Both building are made of thick stone and many guests have commented how our gites are much cooler than others they have stayed in. Plus we are learning tricks on how to stay cool. As people from Norfolk, we are highly skilled at staying warm and dry, but staying cool has not really been a problem before this year! So we have had to learn that you SHUT your windows in the daytime and only open them in the evening. Hey maybe that’s what the pretty shutters on the outside of the Mill, which feature in our logo, are for? Plus in the gites, which have velux windows, if you leave the blinds drawn in the daytime it reduces the temperature enormously. We have purchased fans for our guests, but no-one has requested one yet.

We have also come to love our little swimming pool. Although it is only an above-ground version it is gorgeous to slip into on a hot day, or to sit around the edge with your feet in the water with a cold drink in your hand.

Eaton Park, Norwich, UK, July 2018

Mostly we are delighted with what we have seen of the climate of Haute Vienne. It really cools down at night making sleep pleasant and indeed possible. The landscape is still green and verdant and we have noticed that our little valley is a good few degrees cooler than the surrounding land. A trip back to the UK recently revealed a brown and crispy landscape quite unlike our new home in the Parc Naturel. The little River Bandiat that flows past the mill continues to flow bravely on, giving the dogs somewhere to play and cool down and us somewhere to paddle. All in all we are loving the summer and find that its amazing what you can achieve if you get up at 6 before the sun gets fierce.

The River Bandiat at Le Moulin de Pensol