Menu du Jour

One of the great pleasures of moving to a new place, particularly in France, is discovering the local places to eat. Our most local restaurant is just 5 minutes away at Marval, and is called Les Feuillardiers. Everyone kept telling we should go there, so two weekends ago we did.

They gave a us a warm welcome on hearing we were the new owners of Le Moulin de Pensol, and we sat down and poured the wine. Soup appeared as if by magic - no ordering or menus here. They do a lunchtime Menu du Jour of some five courses plus coffee for € 14 per head including 2 glasses of wine. The courses are interesting, tasty and home-cooked and I love this way of eating. Each plate is small and manageable and if you are not so keen on something, no matter, you know something else will be along in a minute. Just before the cheese course, some gherkins and butter and salt arrived which confused us a bit. We ate some but saved most of it to have with the cheese, but then it was taken away! I'm sure this amused the locals no end.

Anyway we enjoyed our meal so much we were back the following weekend, and will have no hesitation in recommending Les Feuillardiers to our guests. As to exactly what a "Feuillardier" is and will have to wait for a future blog.