If we build it, will they come?

Exciting week this week in our journey from desk jockeys in the UK to gite enterprise owners. Our first guests arrived!

The preparation for this big day has been going on for weeks, and as part of this we gave the bedroom a lick of paint. This is not as easy a it sounds as paint is expensive in France and poor quality. We bought a big tub of white emulsion when we first arrived and I remember the look on mine and Guy's faces as we finished painting our little pantry, only to find it looked EXACTLY the same as when we'd started, just a bit wetter. Anyway, the bedroom looks lovely - what do you think?

The gite they stayed in is one of my favourites. Its called Bouleau, which means Birch. The weather has been glorious over the past week and all the leaves and blossom have come out. This has meant we can finally get some decent photos.