Chocolate with everything

Easter has kind of snuck up on us here at Le Moulin de Pensol. Good Friday is not a bank holiday in our part of France, so Maya went off to school as normal and everything proceeded much as usual with us preparing the gites and working on the grounds ready for the coming season.

But we kept noticing increasing amounts of chocolate in shops, and in particular were fascinated by the piles of chocolate fish in the corner of the boulangerie in our local town Piegut Pluviers.

Like most catholic countries, France is big on Easter, but with their policy of laïcité (strong secular society in public affairs) - they don't take it too seriously. And predictably, its all about food.

Every Easter in the town of Bessieres in southwestern France, around 10,000 people gather to make a giant omelette, made with 15,000 fresh eggs, a four-meter pan, 40 cooks, and extra long sticks.

Another old Easter custom in France is to hold an egg-rolling competition, in which raw eggs are rolled down a gentle slope. The surviving “victory egg”, is pronounced the winner and symbolizes the stone being rolled away from the tomb of Christ. Another Easter egg game consists of children tossing raw eggs into the air. The first to break his or her egg is a loser and must give some sweets to another child.

And the chocolate fish? Well they are all about France's version of April Fool's Day which they call "April Fish". Well ok then.

Whatever you are up to, have a lovely Easter weekend.