Les Grottes de Villars

Les Grottes de Villars are a spectacular network of limestone caves. The excellent guided tour takes you through the caves to view the weird and wonderful calcite formations which have made stalactites, stalagmites, pools and translucent, sparkling curtains of rock. There are also original prehistoric paintings and the walls still display the scratches of cave bears.

In typical French style they have invested in this site to make a really great tourist attraction with large shady car park, interpretation video, gift shop and restaurant. The guided tour lasts about an hour. At 30 minutes from Pensol, this makes a good day trip when combined with popping in to see St Jean de Cole on the way back.

Note for the claustrophobic – the caves are large and well lit with a flat surface underfoot at all times. There are no squeezy bits or low roofs. We are sure you will be fine.