Environment and Nature Policy

At Le Moulin de Pensol we will always be aware of our privileged situation within the Parc Naturel Régional Périgord Limousin (PNR). We will strive to be a sustainable business and to reduce our impact on the PNR through everything we do. We will try, through our management of the land that we own to increase biodiversity at Le Moulin and to educate and enthuse our guests about this subject. In the running of the business, we will always try and reduce our carbon emissions and those of our guests.

Specific actions include:


  1. We will not use pesticides or herbicides anywhere on the grounds.

  2. We will take steps to prevent pollution, including silt, from entering the River Bandiat where it passes through  the land that we own.

  3. We will determine the conservation priorities for the meadow, marshland, riverside and woodland habitat and manage these areas specifically for these species and habitats.

  4. We will use hand tools in preference to power tools wherever possible, for example managing meadows and controlling brambles with a scythe rather than a strimmer.

  5. We will plant and manage bee-friendly flowering plants in our  garden borders.

  6. Grass areas will be cut just once or twice a year and the cuttings collected, except where paths  are required (and excluding the lawn area in front of the gites.)

  7. We will look after the horseshoe bats that live in the caves, and install bat-bricks to improve the habitat for them. We will manage all of our land so as to maximise moth and invertebrate production and maintain hedge, hollowways and other linear features. We will undertake "conservation cutting" in our woodlands to create habitat for Barbastelles.

Climate Change

  1. We will heat our own home mostly using wood from our own woodlands.

  2. For guest accommodation, where electric heating has been installed, we will begin a programme of replacing this heating with the latest low-energy technology.

  3. We will not use a tumble dryer at any time of year when it is possible to dry clothes and bed linen outside. We will explain to guests why their towels will have a line-dried feel, rather than being soft and fluffy.

  4. We will collect guests from Limoges airport if required so that they do not need to hire a car while they are here. We will also offer to collect them from nearby stations to make it easier for them to access Pensol by train.

  5. We have developed a partnership with Dispo Velo to provide bike hire for guests.

  6. We will serve vegetarian and vegan food when we are asked to do so and in addition we have undertaken to reduce the amount of meat and dairy served at our weekly BBQs and in our own diets.

  7. We compost all our kitchen and garden waste and use it on the poteger. Guests may use the compost heap if they wish and will be encouraged to do so and given guidance on composting.

  8. We will, obviously, re-use and recycle all glass, tins, packaging and paper and encourage guests to do likewise. Each gite has an easy-to-carry recycling container.

  9. We will turn the bloody lights off when we are not using them.

General Environment

  1. We have installed low water showerheads in all the showers.

  2. We will buy locally produced food and drink where ever possible when it is fresh and in season.

  3. Much of the food served will be Bio.

  4. We will keep external lighting to an absolute minimum so as to minimise light pollution and maintain the dark skies of Pensol.

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