Amusingly called the "Venice of the Perigord", Brantôme is nevertheless well worth a visit. The monastery sits on one side of the crystal clear, fish  filled river Dronne and the town sits upon an island created by a split in the waters. So....not a canal in sight. Visit the Monestery and then wander through the shop filled narrow streets or relax with a drink and watch the fish swim by . For the more energetic you can rent a canoe and paddle your way through town. During some festivals the river is home to jousting on rowing boats. The park which is heavily scented by the flowering small leaved limes in July plays host to markets and other events throughout the season. There is a large, free car park on the southern side of town, an interpretation board tells you all about the black poplar tree in quite the most entertaining translation to English;  "Become an ornamental tree, it has appropriate a perfect environment for its development and avoid slaughter."